The Best Vegan Cookie Recipe!

I searched for the perfect vegan sugar cookie that tastes like a regular cookie but with healthier options. In this recipe, I will be including different options of vegan and organic shortening to use.

  • For my first try, I used coconut oil shortening. The coconut oil didn’t work out because it has a liquid consistency. The cookies spread out and didn’t hold their shapes.
  • For my second try, I used Crisco. It was a great option for a vegan shortening. The cookies hold their shapes perfectly. However, they didn’t taste as good and the shortening taste overpowered. Also, Crisco was not a healthy choice.
  • For my third try, I used a Spectrum organic all-vegetable shortening. This is the best shortening to use; the cookies turn out very delicious and hold their shapes flawlessly.

Side Note:
Flavoring the Ghraybeh cookie is optional. The best flavor to use is an organic vanilla extract or rose water or orange flower water. However, the classical sugar cookie does not require any flavoring extract. I didn’t use any flavor extract for my cookie recipe because I want the sugar and butter taste to stand out.

Here is my vegan recipe:
I will be using Spectrum organic all-vegetable shortening. Here is a link on Amazon to find it.
The measurements for this recipe are:
-1 cup of organic vegetable shortening
-1 cup of all-purpose organic flour
-1/2 cup of organic powder sugar
The instructions:
First, mix the vegetable shortening and the powder sugar into a bowl using a whisk or speed hand mixer until it reaches a creamy texture. Second, add the 1 cup of flour into the shortening and powder sugar mixture gradually and mix it with a spatula. After this, the mixture can be formed into a dough. Since I used vegetable shortening, I didn’t chill the dough in the refrigerator. Shape the cookies into a round shape. For a perfectionist look, weigh each dough ball to be 8 to 7 oz. For decoration, I garnish it with pistachio or almond on the top. The most important part, the perfect temperature for baking these cookies is 300 F oven for 10-15 minutes.

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