The Perfect Sugar Cookie Recipe, The Syrian American Way!

Ghraybeh a Syrian sugar cookie that has the ideal balance of crunch and soft taste. This cookie is so dreamy, it melts in the mouth like cotton candy.

“Delicious Middle Eastern cookie bites with pistachio” by petitecrumbscakery

I was inspired to create a new version of this Syrian sugar cookie and combine the American baking style into it. In order to find an improved recipe, I had to make a full study of the original one first to understand the measurements and ingredients. Furthermore, so I would have a better knowledge to be able to alter the formula.

After deep searching and testing different recipes for Ghraybeh. I finally found the best recipe that fits everyone’s taste bite. This cookie is so easy to make; it requires only three ingredients. The three ingredients are ghee (clarified butter) or shortening, flour, and powder sugar. However, a simple mistake can ruin the whole thing.

To start off, I will be including advice on choosing the right ingredients to reach a better result. My first advice is, to never use butter. Although, there are so many recipes on the internet that calls for butter instead of ghee/shortening. From my experience, the cookie won’t taste as good because it will lose the soft element. Butter is made from heavy cream so it has liquids, the liquid extracted from the butter will harden the cookie and make it short-lived. My last piece of advice is to use store-bought confectioners sugar because it’s ground well.

Yes, it is the one that will absolutely melt in your mouth. Photo by whiteseasweets

Here is my first recipe:
For this recipe, I will be using butter ghee ( I found mine at the grocery store in the international section.) Here is a link on Amazon to find it. This option is not vegan but this is what the original recipe calls for. Nonetheless, my second recipe will provide many different options to get the same result, even way cheaper, and healthier.
The measurements for this recipe are:
-1 cup of butter ghee
-1 cup of all-purpose flour
-1/2 cup of powder sugar
The instructions:
First, mix the butter ghee and the powder sugar together into a bowl using a whisk or speed hand mixer until it reaches a creamy look and turns to a white color. Second, add the 1 cup of flour into the ghee and powder sugar mixture gradually and mix it all together with a spatula. After this, the mixture can be easily formed into a dough. Since I used butter ghee, I chilled the dough in the fridge for 10 minutes. After that, the dough can be shaped into circle shape cookies, and ready to bake. For the perfectionist look, weigh each dough ball to be 8 to 7 oz. For decoration, I garnish it with pistachio on the top. Now for the most important part, the perfect temperature for baking these cookies is 300 F oven for 10-15 minutes.

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