A Cookie Filled With Love

In these photos, it’s not only a picture of a cookie and tea. This cookie, called Ghraybeh, brings so many sweet memories from my childhood. It’s the feeling of love that bursts joy and pure happiness.Ghraybeh is a Syrian dessert that is served with tea or coffee. This simple cookie is garnished with a pieceContinue reading “A Cookie Filled With Love”

The Ultimate Recipe To The Best Sugar Buttery Cookie

After long research, I finally found the best cookie recipe. I will be sharing my secrets and techniques step by step through this article. This cookie is only three ingredients. However, the ingredients have to be high quality and organic to get the perfect bite. This cookie melts in the mouth like cotton candy andContinue reading “The Ultimate Recipe To The Best Sugar Buttery Cookie”

The Perfect Sugar Cookie, Ghraybeh!

Ghraybeh is a sweet buttery and fluffy cookie that melts in the mouth like cotton candy. This sugar cookie only needs three ingredients: shortening/ghee, confederate sugar, and flour. The Origin Of Cookies In the 7th century, sugar became more commonly known to use. As a result of that, cookies were invented. “Cookies appear to haveContinue reading “The Perfect Sugar Cookie, Ghraybeh!”

The Perfect Sugar Cookie Recipe, The Syrian American Way!

Ghraybeh a Syrian sugar cookie that has the ideal balance of crunch and soft taste. This cookie is so dreamy, it melts in the mouth like cotton candy. I was inspired to create a new version of this Syrian sugar cookie and combine the American baking style into it. In order to find an improvedContinue reading “The Perfect Sugar Cookie Recipe, The Syrian American Way!”

The Best Vegan Cookie Recipe!

I searched for the perfect vegan sugar cookie that tastes like a regular cookie but with healthier options. In this recipe, I will be including different options of vegan and organic shortening to use. For my first try, I used coconut oil shortening. The coconut oil didn’t work out because it has a liquid consistency.Continue reading “The Best Vegan Cookie Recipe!”

Gluten-Free Sugar Cookie Recipes.

I decided to make a gluten-free sugar cookie recipe because many people prefer this option. Also, some people are allergic to gluten. As a result of this, I felt the need to explore more gluten-free flour to provide alternatives. To have a better understanding of this experiment. I need to know what is gluten? “GlutenĀ isContinue reading “Gluten-Free Sugar Cookie Recipes.”

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