Social Media Growth

This semester, I learned so much and the experiences I gained are valuable. This course allowed me to deepen into programming; discovering HTML was life-changing as a communication designer. HTML helped me understand fundamental web design elements, and I included this skill in my website. For my site, I wanted to add more food blogs and review organic versus regular products. Additionally, I want to include a weekly news section. For the promoting part, I should post daily to keep the site active. Also, I will take advantage of the analytical data to post based on the popular hour of the day. Plus, I want to build a Pinterest board and connect it to TikTok because this helps increasing traffic tremendously. The best experience I obtained from this project is the capability of organizing a whole website by myself. The key to a successful result is to be persistent and patient. Having this knowledge will help me to manage my work more effectively and professionally. The organized structure that the course provided helped me be more responsible and efficient toward my projects.


The most popular week on my site is March 8, 2021 -March 14, 2021. The views, the total number is 119, and the number of visitors is two. This was my popular week because, on March 7, 2021, I posted my website link on Twitter.

The second popular week on my site is April 19, 2021-April 25,2021. The views, the total number is 64, and the number of visitors is 6. The number of visitors increased because I made an Instagram and Facebook account and linked my website in my bio. When I started posting on Instagram, I notice a slight increase in my WordPress analytics.

The most viewed page is the home page and blog since they are the first thing that comes up. The most viewed posts are the first two posts on my website. The total number of views is 24 for both posts because I shared the link of those two posts with my friends.

The most surprising information the site analytic provided is what countries viewed my website. Two people from Ireland and one person from Australia viewed my website.

Additionally, the site analysis included the number of views I got from each social media I used. Twitter comes in first place for drawing more traffic to the website. I was surprised that Facebook was second place in the total of views number.

Finally, here is my Twitter account analytics. The result changed from one day, and using hashtags helped increase my Twitter impressions.

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