A Cookie Filled With Love

In these photos, it’s not only a picture of a cookie and tea. This cookie, called Ghraybeh, brings so many sweet memories from my childhood. It’s the feeling of love that bursts joy and pure happiness.
Ghraybeh is a Syrian dessert that is served with tea or coffee. This simple cookie is garnished with a piece of pistachio as a touch of luxury. It is a delightful treat for everyone to try. During holiday times, this cookie is served in big patches for everyone. That is, Syrian people love to spoil their guests. The smell of this cookie is indescribable, and the taste takes me to heaven. Sometimes it is the little things that make life more enjoyable and build memories along the way.
I have a beautiful story that I get to tell every time I make this cookie. A family and friends were gathering to celebrate the holiday season together. I remember they were giving gifts and candies to all the kids. The kids were playing and having fun. The best part was that my childhood crush was there; I couldn’t be happier because we both were playing. Time flew by like it didn’t exist; I forgot to get my candy, so did he. I went to the kitchen to see if there was any dessert left. Everything was gone except for one last cookie, which was Ghraybeh. I took this cookie and gave it to my crush. He didn’t want the cookie at first because he wanted to split the cookie between us. As a little kid, this was my first memory of feeling pure love.
My aunt told me a piece of advice, which is ( When things are done with love and passion the result will be more successful and heartfelt.)
Although this cookie is made from three ingredients, it is hard to get the perfect flavor if it wasn’t made out of love.

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